Hints and Tips

Lot of useful information gathered over the years from personal experience, trial and error experiments and sharing with other eggers.



Using Glass Paints on Eggs.

Transparent & Translucent Glass paints can be used in a number of ways  - below are some of the things you can do. I It is best to use water-based paints - I prefer using Plaid Gallery Glass



Applying a Foil Print to an Egg


When you are looking for a foil print be sure the one you choose is a true foil. These can be lifted from the backing card. Foils can usually be identified by looking for a card with a frame over the print rather than one that is part of the actual card.


A lot of cards which look like a foil are not true foils and cannot be removed by the method in the instructions.

Dental Bur Uses & Cross Reference 


Photos showing what the carving burs look like with the Aussie reference and, where known,  the US bur reference

Making Scrolls.​


Beautiful coloured scrolls can be easily achieved in a number of ways by using the thicker, Gallery Glass Window Color. For pastel scrolls mix some of the normal, transparent glass paint with the White Pearl Window Color.



Greaseproof Carrier Sheet


Making a carrier sheet to print images from your printer is very easy to do. The cheap greaseproof available from Foodland is all that’s required – no need to buy the expensive one.

Ovals Templates


Various oval outlines suitable for marking openings on an eggshell.


Imitation Enamel

A similar effect to glass paint can be achieved by mixing Petal Dust or Pearl Ex with ordinary epoxy. One of the advantages of using the imitation enamelling technique is the quick drying time.

Making Decals


Many times you will find the picture you want to use but it is far too big for the egg you have chosen or if you plan on entering your creation in a show, it is usually stipulated that “Commercial transfers are not acceptable”.


Making your own decals is an ideal way to get around this stipulation and ensures you have a

suitable image for whatever design you choose.

Spark Organza


Also referred to as "Dazzle Cloth" or "Twinkle Cloth", Spark Organza is an easy way to incorporate a light and airy look to a design..


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