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Welcome to the home of eggshell carving in Australia. We would like to share with you examples of our carved and decorated eggshell art designs.


So come in, kick off your shoes and get comfortable while you browse through our works of art.


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​Carved Eggs
Our Classes


Over the years we have held many carving and decorating classes and carving camps all over Australia and also in the United States.


  • Glenbarr, Strathalbyn, SA

  • Goolwa, SA

  • Kurrajong, NSW

  • Perth, WA

  • Brisbane, QLD

  • Las Vegas NV, USA

  • Dallas TX, USA

Seminar Eggs that we've taught.

Emu Flower Delight


The Intermediate Emu carving, for the 2010 Glenbarr Camp, was an Art Deco design from Dover but Lorna had to simplify it a bit as we had not touched on a lot of emu carving in previous classes. The design included a lot of fine black lines which were set to challenge the carvers a bit more so that they could learn something new.

Daisy & Violet Trellis


An Advanced Class by Maureen from the 2010 Glenbarr Camp, students were supplied with the template pattern pieces from which they were able to create their own unique filigree cut design on an ostrich egg.


Relief carving on the flowers was combined with lattice & various textures in the panels.


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Come into the Garden - Lorna

A delicately carved ostrich egg featuring butterflies, flowers and a frog!